Water Damage Data Recovery

When your digital companion experiences water damage, it can lead to:

  1. Short circuits: If the water comes into contact with the electrical components of the laptop, it can cause short circuits and damage to the motherboard, processor, and other essential components.

  2. Corrosion: Water can cause corrosion of the metal components of the laptop, leading to permanent damage to the hardware.

  3. Data loss: Water damage can also cause data loss, either by damaging the hard/solid state drive or by causing software errors that make it difficult or impossible to access the stored data.

  4. Battery damage: If water comes into contact with the battery, it can cause swelling or leakage, which can lead to permanent damage to the battery and the laptop.

  5. Display damage: Water can also cause damage to the display, either by causing discoloration, dead pixels, or by damaging the LCD panel or the backlight.

  6. Keyboard damage: If water enters the keyboard, it can cause keys to stick or stop working, which can lead to permanent damage to the keyboard.

In general, water damage is considered a catastrophic event for laptops and other electronic devices, and it can cause permanent and irreparable damage to the hardware and data stored on the device

Water Damage Recovery

We specialize in Microsoldering, which is a type of repair technique that involves using a specialized tools to repair electronic devices at the component level. This technique is often used to repair smartphones, laptops, game consoles, and other electronic devices when they have suffered damage that cannot be repaired by simply replacing a single component.

In microsoldering, a technician must have a detailed understanding of the electrical schematics and design of the device being repaired, as well as the ability to use soldering equipment with precision to remove and replace damaged components. Microsoldering requires a high level of skill and training, as even a small mistake during the repair process can cause additional damage or render the device inoperable.

Water Damaged MacBooks

Modern MacBook devices do not contain standalone hard or solid state drives, but rather have the storage components embedded onto the main board.

This creates difficulties when attempting recovering the data, and requires engaging a whole complex of skills – microsoldring and electrical repair combined with data recovery, Our team can offer you those services, and we proudly helped thousands of our clients get access to their data from a water damaged MacBook device.

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Water Damaged Mobile Phones

In mobile phones, water damage is considered a catastrophic event, which can cause permanent and irreparable damage to the hardware and data stored on the device.

If a mobile phone has experienced water damage, it is important to seek the assistance of a recovery expert who can assess the damage and determine the best course of action to recover the data from the failed device.

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