Our 5-Step Process

How To Get Your Data Back In 5 Easy Steps

Have you accidentally deleted your wedding photos, or those precious first baby moments from the computer? That work document that’s due in a week? A presentation to seal the deal between your company and a brand new client? 

Has your hard or solid state drive stopped working for any reason? Maybe it was dropped or improperly ejected, or just old age got to it?

Getting your valuable files back doesn’t have to be complicated. Losing that kind of data is nerve-wracking, but we can ease that stress for you. Simply drop off your drive or device at one of our drop-off locations and you too can get your data recovered via these five simple steps. 

It really is as easy as 1, 2, 3… or should we say 1 to 5? 

5 Steps

These five steps on how to recover deleted files and get your data back pronto are as simple as can be. Nothing is lost forever. Try our services out and see for yourself!

  1. Contact us by phone, email, or chat.
  2. Bring your device to a nearby drop-off location or schedule a free pickup.
  3. Within 24 hours, you will receive the evaluation results and a quote for recovering your data.
  4. Confirm the recovery and enjoy receiving frequent updates as our work is performed.
  5. Receive your recovered files back!

A headache-free experience

We strongly believe in providing the best customer experience possible when it comes to data recovery. It’s stressful enough thinking that you’ve lost your data completely! So, allow us to provide you with a calm, clear, and straightforward idea of how we do what we do best.

Have You Lost Your Data?

Our motto is “nothing is lost forever” and our policy is: no data, no fee!
So contact our experts at TeraDrive today!