Mobile Data Recovery

In the past ten years, our cell phones have evolved from mere portable landlines to powerful handheld computers with near-limitless potential. This amazing technology has done so much to make countless tasks simpler and more convenient. Whether you need to book last-minute accommodations while on a spontaneous road trip, have a face-to-face meeting with someone halfway across the world, or simply take a picture and share it with your friends instantly, there’s little that our phones can’t do.

In addition to allowing you access to the Internet at any time, your phone has storage of its own like any desktop computer. Photos you’ve taken or downloaded, your collection of music, and important notes are all kept on your phone’s physical storage. What this means is that unless you’re frequently backing your phone up to the Cloud or to your computer, you run the risk of losing everything on your phone in case of malfunction or accidental deletion.

TeraDrive’s experts have 14 years of experience extracting data from cell phones and mobile devices. We are committed to exhausting every possible option to recover lost data from your phone. 


How TeraDrive Can Help

No matter the problem you’re facing, we’re able to recover all kinds of data from all sorts of mobile devices. From lost images and videos, to text messages, contacts, and notes, to data from any app installed on your phone, we’ve had record-level success in data recovery from devices of all kinds. Below is a list of some of the more common phone troubles that we’re able to help with.

Did you phone accidentally take a dip? When it comes to liquid damage, every minute counts. Once moisture has entered the device, the corrosion and damage can spread at an alarming speed, frying each internal component, one after the other, leaving you with a broken phone full of ‘lost’ data. Using advanced proprietary techniques and technology developed in our very own lab, our technicians are able to work quickly to rescue your information from your water-damaged phone. 

While our procedures for recovery from a mobile device with water damage are some of the best available in BC, it’s important to remember that this is still a time-sensitive recovery. The sooner you’re able to get the phone to us, the better our odds are of a successful full recovery.


Due to internal and external factors, your phone’s software may become corrupted, stopping it from working normally, or blocking you from connecting it to a computer or the cloud to transfer your data off the device. 

If you’ve dealt with a corrupt phone, you understand how frustrating it can be to have your precious data so close, yet so far. When you give us your corrupted cell phone, we’ll be able to run diagnostics and figure out the root of the problem, which will help us decide the best way to get your information off the device. 

One common method we take to restore data off phones with a software issue is a JTAG system, which can be used to supply power directly to the device, as well as to access the device’s memory.

There’s nothing quite as upsetting as dropping your phone and slowly turning it over to reveal that your screen has been completely destroyed. 

Sometimes, a broken screen can be so severe that you’re not able to use the device at all. Even if all the internal components of the device are in good working order, you might not be able to operate the display since a broken one stops you from, say, punching in your passcode to access the data. 

This is a frustrating problem to say the least, but thankfully TeraDrive has got you covered. We’re able to use our in-house recovery tools to bypass the need to use the screen, and can access and transfer the data directly off the device in a format that will be easy to transfer onto your replacement phone.

If, for whatever reason, your device has sustained electrical damage and won’t charge anymore, you might be worried about ever seeing the data again. 

At TeraDrive, we use a highly specialized method of data recovery, called the ‘chip-off’ method, for this and other complex repairs where the phone itself is no longer functional. As the name suggests, this method involves physically removing the memory chip from the phone’s circuit board, and connecting it to a different piece of hardware that’s able to read and transfer the data directly from the chip. 

Although not all phones are compatible with the chip-off method, it can be an invaluable tool when it comes to mobile data recovery. We will also sometimes employ JTAG protocol procedures to get data off a phone that won’t charge, since we are able to bypass the battery and supply power directly to the device in order to access your information.


If you’ve just updated your phone, and it’s now stuck in an endless loop of restarting and restarting again, you’ve got a boot loop on your hands. For many, this is a very confusing and frustrating problem, and can lead to long hours spent wondering if the device will ever reboot properly. There are a number of reasons a mobile device can get stuck in a boot loop, including:

• Corruption/damage of the device’s internal storage
• A system update doesn’t apply correctly 
• The user applies custom software incorrectly
• Physical damage to the device (water, impact, etc.)
• A third party app is preventing the device from booting, either maliciously or due to malfunction.

Whatever the reason that led to your device becoming stuck in this annoying boot loop, TeraDrive is able to employ our top-notch technicians and technology to access the phone’s data directly, and help you to recover what’s been lost.

One of the most iconic and dreaded problems faced by mobile device users, the screen of death is a major problem when it comes to doing a home recovery of lost data. There are a number of reasons this problem can occur, from software corruption, to an OS error, all the way to hardware issues with the device’s internal components.

Another error we sometimes see is the red screen of death on iOS devices. This is when the entire display is solid red, leaving the touch screen useless. This is sometimes caused by a software crash, and can be temporarily fixed by resetting the phone. However, if the problem persists, you may need to restore your phone. This means losing all the data on your device. In this case, we recommend bringing it into us first, giving us a chance to pull your data off your phone before it’s lost forever.

The blue and red screens of death are intimidating and frustrating, and that’s why we recommend leaving it to the professionals. Though you may be able to temporarily fix the issue by doing a factory reset, there’s a good chance the issue will return, and potentially be tougher to fix when it does. It’s a good idea to get a recovery team to work on your device the first time you run into this issue, rather than leaving it too late.

These days, cell phones are finely crafted pieces of technology, with a mind-boggling amount of absolutely tiny internal parts. Everything is held in place with incredibly tiny screws, trace amounts of adhesive, and extremely fragile glass components. That’s why any at-home attempt to diagnose an internal phone problem isn’t recommended. You’re sure to void your warranty, and there’s no guarantee you’ll be able to solve or even identify your problem in the process. 

Our team has extensive knowledge with the internals of all major smartphone types, and are very skilled in working on these tiny little bits of complex hardware. We train our technicians in highly advanced micro-soldering techniques, which is an invaluable skill when it comes to getting your phone back online long enough to recover your data.

Sometimes, your data is lost not because of a major malfunction, but due to simple deletion. Whether accidental or malicious, data deletion is often not as permanent as it may seem. 

We have been able to restore and recover massive amounts of ‘deleted’ data from our clients’ mobile devices. Like most of the other issues listed here, time is of the essence, so make sure to contact us right away if you believe you’ve lost important data due to file deletion.

Experience Efficient Mobile Data Recovery Service with TeraDrive

Whether you’re facing a software or hardware issue, water damage, a broken screen, or internal corruption, TeraDrive is here to help. With countless successful mobile data recoveries under our belt, we’re more than equipped to help you work around any problem you’re having with your phone and get your data back to you as soon as possible.

We have extensive experience working on all major types of cell phones and mobile devices, including:

  • iPhones and iPads
  • Android devices of all kinds
  • Windows phones
  • Blackberries
  • Old Symbian phones
  • GPS navigators

We offer a top-rate recovery service, complimentary courier pick-up, and we don’t charge you for a single thing unless the data recovery is successful. If you’re stuck with a broken device full of your precious data, and you’re not sure what to do next, contact TeraDrive and get back online today.

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