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In a world where our data is our main asset, what happens if we lose access to it? Our valuable information is stored on hard drives, SSD drives, mobile phones or other digital storage devices. Those devices are volatile and do not always function as expected.

If that happened to you, and you value your data, you need an expert! Often, there is no second chance when it comes to data recovery, and inexperienced first responders may render the device unrecoverable.

Our experts hold over thirteen years of professional data recovery experience, with thousands of cases recovered.

We specialize in data recovery from all types of devices and operating systems, in the event of lost or deleted information. We use advanced data recovery solutions from industry leaders. In coupe with high expertise and efficiency, we are capable to provide reliable results safely, affordably and hassle-free.

We are the experts in data recovery in the Lower Mainland. Our experience is second to none. Trust TeraDrive to handle your data when there is no room for errors.

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We strongly believe in providing the best customer experience possible. It’s stressful enough thinking that you lost your data, so allow us to provide you with a calm, clear and straightforward customer experience.

The steps to getting your data back are as simple as it can be – Try us and see for yourself!

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We Are The Experts in Data Recovery

At TeraDrive, we are passionate about providing our customers with the best data recovery experience possible.

Hard Disk Data RecoveryWe are fully equipped to provide the full scope of advanced data recovery in-lab and on site services. Coping with bad sectors, damaged heads, internal firmware issues and damaged platters is our specialty.
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SSD/Flash/USB DriveWe use advanced Data Recovery techniques to extract data from failed SSD or USB drives. Contact us for a quick evaluation and proffesional recovery.
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RAID and Server RecoveryWe specialize in recovering data from damaged Raid arrays. Due to their logical and physical complexity, recovery of RAID arrays requires unique skills and expertise, which we are glad to offer.
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Smartphone/Tablet RecoveryWe can help with extracting deleted text messages, pictures, videos, social media or any other information missing from a mobile device. Contact us for a quick evaluation and we'll get back to you witin 24 hours.
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Ransomware RecoveryWe offer our expertise when coping with Ransomware attacks. With a unique method developed, we can help you to retrieve your information and avoid those costly payments to decrypt your files
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Data Destruction What happens to the data stored in your computers, cell phones and hard drives after disposal? What could happen if this information ended up in the wrong hands? TeraDrive can gaurentee that your data and sensitive materials are always securely destroyed.
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