We are honoured to have been the ‘data doctor’ for many customers, businesses, and IT companies in Vancouver, the Lower Mainland, and surrounding areas in BC.

Feel free to explore how we have been able to serve all of our customers’ data recovery needs.

Here are some testimonials from our clients

“I only have words of thanks to TeraDrive’s team. From the first moment they helped me in everything, giving me different solutions and with excellent customer service. In a few days I recovered all the information at a very competitive price. Thank you very much for the support!!”

Juan T.

“TeraDrive provides clear upfront steps and timeline to what they will do and the costs associated behind it. They also provide free courier to and from your location.”

Peter H.

“Amazing company. Got my files recovered in the shortest time possible and they were very nice and polite. Definitely recommended!!! Great price and great service.”

Val S.

“I found that TeraDrive’s staff were quick, clear and very helpful in all their communications with me. My hard drive was damaged and I feared all content would be forever lost. I was delighted the TeraDrive team were able to fully recover more than 85% of the content and much of the remainder is accessible in part. Their promise of “no data if no recovery” was available but not needed. Thank you!”

James F.

“I had a great experience with TeraDrive’s data recovery service. My issue was solved quickly and I have received multiple professional advice that I will take into consideration in the future. Really friendly and helpful staff. Highly recommended!”

Daria S.

“I highly recommend using TeraDrive’s services. Both my computer and hard drive crashed and they were able to recover all data very fast and professionally while explaining to me all processes very kindly. I will definitely use their services again.”

Lital T.

“TeraDrive helped me recover all the documents I had in my external hard drive. I have no words to describe how happy I was when I saw all my files again. I’d recommend Teradrive to anyone who needs data recovering! They did a really great job! Thank you for being so patient and for answering all my questions so promptly!”

Viviane F.

“A huge thank you to TeraDrive for recovering 100 % of the data from my external hard drive! They were prompt in replying to my inquiry, were upfront about the procedure and cost, and were very easy to talk to.”

Shirley M.

“I have been so impressed with TeraDrive. TeraDrive quickly became my most trusted source for the data recovery needs of my clients and contacts. The results were great and the feedback from people I sent to them was phenomenal.

Soon, I found myself in desperate need for data recovery – TWICE! I got in contact with them immediately and was amazed at how quickly and effectively they recovered ALL my data. I highly recommend TeraDrive!”

Tyler H.

“Quick service and great communication regarding options as they were uncovered. Great value for what was delivered. I will go back when needed.”

David D.

“My office thought we had lost all our data which was extremely important and valued very highly until TeraDrive was able to recover all of it back. It was a stressful time for my staff and clients but TeraDrive worked their magic for us. They were very thorough, informative and kept us in the loop step by step on the progress. Highly recommend them!”

Mony S.

“As a plumbing company, we are often called to different flood scenes – leaking pipes or tenants being flooded by upstairs neighbors – we’ve seen it all. Often those scenarios include damage to personal electronics: laptops, desktops, and mobile phones. Our clients expect the best service from us, and if we were to recommend a service provider to them, we have to make sure that service provider is up to our high standards.

We have been cooperating with TeraDrive for some time now, referring clients with water damaged computers for data extraction and recovery. What we hear back from our clients, shows us that we made a great choice. TeraDrive is professional, punctual, and provided a high standard when it comes to customer service.

It’s not easy to find reliable companies to work with, and we at 3Points are very happy to keep referring our clients to you. Good job guys!”

3Points Plumbing

“Thank you for retrieving my data from a failed raid array. That array contained a great amount of very valuable information for me and for my business. Great service!”

John S.

“We had to recover a mobile device belonging to one of our field technicians. The device contained communications with customers, and a list of parts needed to be ordered for a big project we were working on. Without that data, we would suffer a setback in our activities.
We would like to thank TeraDrive for work well done – all the data from the phone was recovered in record time, and we were able to stay on track with our project.”

Office Electra Fix

“I had a USB drive with important documents that stopped working one day. I tried some computer stores, but nobody was able to help me, until a friend told me about TeraDrive. They were able to recover 100% of my files within 3 days. Thank you for your help and professionalism.”

Shai D.

“I brought in a clicking hard drive with some precious family pictures from old times.
TeraDrive was able to recover the entire drive, in record time, while providing one of the highest customer service standards I have ever seen. Thank you, and I will make sure to refer all of my friends to you!”

Igor Y.

“I had an old clicking hard drive with family pictures that was laying around for a few good years. I got a data recovery quote a few years ago, but it was awfully expensive, and I postponed it.

Recently, a friend of mine used TeraDrive’s services and was very happy with them. I gave them a call a couple of weeks ago, and on the next day they picked my drive from me.
This time the price offered was much more reasonable, and after five days I received all my pictures on a new drive back! Thank you TeraDrive!”

Liza A.

“It’s a very stressful situation to be in – seeing your laptop boots and fails with blue screen over and over again, going to countless computer stores and hearing “Sorry, we can’t help you with your files” all over again.

All my family pictures, all my research files, all the projects – all was gone. The most frustrated I have ever been.

When I was about to say goodbye to my data, I stumbled upon TeraDrive’s post on Facebook.
I decided to reach out, and despite the late hour (around 9pm), they replied within minutes.

After a quick chat, I decided to give it a try. On the next day, I dropped off my laptop at their office, and on the same day they sent me an email saying that they can recover my files.

I approved the quote, and got all of my files back within a week!!! Thank you TeraDrive for a job well done!”

Dina G.

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