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Using the Latest Technology to Rescue Your Data

We use advanced data recovery solutions from industry leaders. In coupe with high expertise and efficiency, we are capable to provide reliable results safely, affordably and hassle-free. Our experts hold over 13 years of professional data recovery experience, with thousands of cases recovered.

We specialize in data recovery from all types of devices and operating systems, in the event of lost or deleted information.

Free Diagnostics

We offer free diagnostics and consultations, with no strings attached. Our team will be happy to assist you with any questions you may have, even before receiving your drive.

Our quote is based on the type and size of the device, and the amount of damage sustained.

Data recovery does not have to be overpriced, and we are proud to provide a fair rate to our customers.

No Data? No Charge!

Our policy is “No Data - No Charge” – we don’t bill for work hours, parts or anything else, except for the final product. In a rare situation when your data is not recoverable - there is no charge.

Our utmost care is getting your data recovered. Trust us with your device, and we guarantee to do our best and beyond to recover your files.

Drop Off Locations

We have three convenient drop off locations to choose from

You are in good hands with TeraDrive, trust the professionals.

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