On-site Data Recovery

If you require a data recovery service but have to keep all the data in-house due to operational or legal restraints, we offer our unique On-Site data recovery service!

Our mobile and portable lab will travel to your location. We are fully equipped to perform all types of data recovery jobs on-site – Starting from deleted files recovery, through rebuilding failed RAID arrays, and even performing internal parts replacement!

You may require our On-Site service in the following situation:
on-site data backup vancouver
  • If you are a forensic expert who needs to follow a strict chain of custody policy and have to maintain a constant possession of your evidence.
  • If you are a legal practitioner, who needs to recover data from a failed drive as soon as possible, without jeopardizing the integrity and the custody chain of the evidence.
  • If your server failed, and the amount of drives is too big/heave to safely ship over.

Any other circumstance that requires an onsite presence by a data recovery expert – we got you covered!

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Not on-site recovery that you're looking for? We also provide the following services:

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