Mobile Data Recovery

We offer advanced mobile recovery services from iPhones, iPads, Android devices, Windows phones, Blackberry phones, old Symbian phones and GPS navigators. Our experts are trained to perform advanced micro soldering procedures and have years of accumulated experience performing progressive procedures aimed to extract otherwise inaccessible data from mobile devices.

Many phone repair shops will try some basic techniques, before giving up. We won’t! We offer professional data recovery from water damaged phones, using advanced methods and techniques developed in our lab. When it comes to water damage, every minute counts. Corrosion spreads with alarming speeds, and the sooner the phone arrives at our lab, the higher are the chances of successful data recovery.

We will recover your data and provide you with the best results possible.
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We can help you recover your lost pictures, videos, contacts, text messages, notes, WhatsApp or WeChat messages, along with any other app that contains user data.

We are fully equipped to perform advanced chip-off and Jtag procedures, use advanced tools from industry leaders, and won’t stop until we exhaust every chance to extract your data.

Common Issues with Mobile Devices

Common problems we will help you with:

Water (or any other liquid) damage
Corrupted software update
Damaged/broken screen
No charge
Boot loop
Blue screen
Damaged internal parts

Not a Mobile Recovery issue? We also provide the following services:

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