iTunes Backup

When we back up our Apple based mobile devices (iPhones or iPads), we have two options:
itunes backup
  • Back up to iCloud using Wi-Fi or cellular connection. The backup is stored in the cloud, on Apple’s servers.
  • Backup to iTunes – done by connecting your mobile device to a laptop or desktop. The data is backed up and stored on a local device.

Prior to backing up your data, iTunes will offer to encrypt the backup. The password for the encrypted backup is different from any password used across the apple device, and is often forgotten by the user. When upgrading to a new device, the password could be required for successful migration.

Often, the password is forgotten, or the iTunes backup is corrupted. If any of those scenarios should happen to you – we can help. Our proprietary developed tool is capable of uncovering forgotten iTunes passwords, and repair corrupted backups.

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