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TeraDrive specializes in recovering data from failed hard drives. Our team of experts hold over thirteen years of professional data recovery experience, with thousands of cases recovered for private and corporate clients around the globe. Our track record includes over 50,000 data recovery cases with record-high rates of success.

We operate the most sophisticated data recovery laboratory of its kind in Vancouver, which includes a clean room compliant with the strict CLASS 100 standards, and exclusive proprietary equipment developed by our team, ensuring seamless data recovery results again and again.

We will recover your data and provide you with the best results possible.

There are two main ways a hard drive can fail.

Logical failure – While the hard drive remains fully functional, the data it stores is no longer accessible as a result of accidental/malicious file deletion, degraded operating system, file structure corruption, damaged partitions, viruses or ransomware. The data recovery process begins with creating an exact clone or image of the drive and continues with a deep dive into the bits and bytes of the copy, to rebuild and extract the lost data.

Physical failure – Happens when the hard drive stops functioning properly. It could happen due to external factors such as physical impact, dropping or knocking the drive over, a sudden spike of voltage, water or fire damage or any other abnormal event. It can also happen due to natural circumstances during the lifespan of a drive. We specialize in recovering data even after the most complicated failures, with a record high success rate. Our decades of experience with data recovery from failed hard drives are your best chance to get your data back safely.

We are here to help you with any of the following:

Our straightforward data recovery process begins with a free, no strings attached evaluation, and includes a free courier pickup from your home or office.

Within a few hours from the moment we receive the drive, we will provide you with a detailed evaluation report outlining the exact type of failure and the amount of data to be recovered.

At the end of the recovery process, you will receive a file list with all the files and folders recovered. The recovered files can be copied onto a spare drive provided by the client or purchased from us. In cases when the amount of data below 20GB, we also offer to deliver the data through a secure download link.

Not a hard drive issue? We also provide the following services:

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