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If your SSD stopped working, if you accidentally dropped or broke your USB flash drive, if you deleted some pictures from your camera and want them back – We are here for you!

We are fully equipped to deal with the most complicated flash failures. Our team has the best expertise when it comes to recovering data from SSD Drives, USB Flash devices, and SD Cards.

If you have an SSD drive in your laptop or desktop, if you use a USB flash drive, if you have a micro SD card in your mobile phone or if you use a professional digital camera that stores pictures and videos on an SD card – you are using flash technology.

We will recover your data and provide you with the best results possible.

Unlike mechanical drives, flash-based drives have no mechanical parts within. No heads, no motor, nothing is moving nor spinning. The data transfer speed of those drives can potentially overcome the speed of a mechanical drive by a factor of dozens or even hundreds.

Nowadays, we see a significant shift towards those technologies. Advanced consumers use SSD drives to run the OS (operating system), and regular mechanical drives to store user data. A laptop or a desktop win an SSD drive can boot in a record time of 5-10 seconds!

Of course, not all is perfect in the flash world. One factor that still drives consumers away is the price. SSD drives are significantly more expensive than mechanical drives. Another factor is the capacity; with mechanical drives, you can easily purchase 4-6TB drive for a very reasonable price, while SSD drives usually come in smaller sizes of 120-512GB. For larger SSD capacities, the user will have to part with a much more significant amount.

Practice shows that the reliability of SSD drives is drastically improving, and yet, in general, mechanical drives are still considered more reliable. The flash-based device has a predefined amount of time the data can be written onto (usually between 10,000 and 100,000 times). After that, the drive begins to fail.

Other weaknesses of flash-based devices are the frequent controller/internal firmware issues we encounter on an almost daily basis.

Memory Card or USB Thumb Drive

Our company can recover data from:

  • SD
  • SmartMedia
  • xD Media
  • microSD
  • monolith chips
Data Recovery from SSD Disk

An SSD drive is built on the same flash technology out mobile phones and thumb drives use. Many believe that the SSD drives are safer in terms of reliability because they have no moving parts. This is partially true, although those drives suffer from a variety of failures, such as:

The SSD drives may not be at risk of falling or other mechanical problems, but they risk from:

  • SSD drive are highly sensitive to variations in their power supply
  • Unexpected shutdowns can negatively affect the performance of SSD drives
  • Sensitive to ESD (Electro Static Discharge)
  • Sensitive to high humidity

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