Data Destruction

Data security is of the utmost importance these days. Do you know what happens to your hard drive after you recycle it? Do you know who gets your old mobile device after you upgrade it for a new iPhone?

data destroy

If your data is not safely destroyed, there is always a potential it is coming back to haunt you. Simply formatting the drive is not enough. Removing parts of it before recycling won’t cut it either. Even physically damaging the drive will not be enough sometimes. Someone with developed data recovery skills (Like us, but we only use our powers for good), may potentially recover some or all of your data.

We'll make sure your data is gone forever!

The same thing goes about mobile phones. Even after a factory reset, while having the right skills and the right tools, a significant chunk of information can be recovered.

If you want to make sure that your information is destroyed (with or without damaging the device that carries it) – we can help! Our dedicated data destruction service will make sure that no one ever will recover even a single bite of data from your device.

With every date destruction, we offer our guarantee and assurance that no one will ever recover that information.

If you need to destroy highly sensitive information, if you are gifting or donating your computer, if you are turning in your mobile phone – call us for a free consultation! We are here to help you protect your sensitive information.

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