Data Recovery

Sometimes a data recovery job has to be completed on-site. Whether it’s legal evidence that’s suddenly became trapped on a malfunctioning hard drive or a crucial list of private and personal client information that’s disappeared from a failed RAID array, there are a number of data recovery scenarios where an on-site data recovery service is required. That’s why TeraDrive offers a top of the line on-site data recovery service, allowing you to recover your data and get your operations back on track as quickly and confidentially as possible. 

“TeraDrive, we are on our way”

If you’ve lost secure and important data which cannot be sent to an external lab, particularly for your business or legal practice, it can lead to extensive (and expensive) downtime, eating into your productivity, driving costs up, and grinding your day-to-day operations to a halt. In many on-site data recovery scenarios, we will be able to hand your data back over to you fast.

How it works

From the moment we receive your call, we will make the arrangements to have a data recovery expert at your location within the next 24 hours, often even faster than this. We are fully equipped to perform most of the complicated data recovery procedures on-site, and our portable data recovery lab is on stand-by to be deployed upon demand.

We have over a decade of experience in delivering effective data recovery to our clients, with an outstanding track record of success. Not only that, but we also offer competitive pricing and an extremely quick turnaround time. We understand how important resolving your data emergency is, and our service is built around getting you back up and running as quickly as possible.

A team of experts

Our highly experienced recovery specialists are on standby for even the most complex data recovery scenarios. TeraDrive is your best shot at a total recovery of your lost data, no matter the affected device or recovery scenario. 

TeraDrive offers a multitude of reasons to choose us for your emergency data recovery needs, including:

  • Extremely tight turnaround time
  • Full support for a comprehensive list of devices, file formats, and storage systems
  • High success rates
  • Extensive experience in systems of all shapes and sizes, from industrial-scale RAID arrays to personal hard drives
  • Top of the line portable data recovery equipment allows solving the most complicated cases on site
  • Complete security and privacy guarantee

Get back online with

In most cases, a hardware failure leading to data loss can be an extremely frustrating, time-sensitive problem. You need to have a trusted data recovery team on standby—a team you can count on to look after you in even the most complex and urgent recovery scenarios. 

Our team will be able to assist you in all manner of recovery emergencies, including:

  • RAID issues, such as disk failure, rebuild errors, and accidental file overwrites
  • File deletion, either accidental or malicious
  • File damage from viruses
  • Physical damage to storage systems, including smoke, fire, water, impact, and electrical
  • Hard disk drive failures, both logical and physical
  • Solid state drive corruption
  • Read/write issues from any types of devices

We Are Here For You

If you’re having a data loss emergency, look no further than TeraDrive. We’re efficient, effective, and we have what it takes to return your lost data safely. We offer rushed on-site data recovery service to our clients, in case that’s needed. When choosing this level of service, our team will work nights and weekends to complete your recovery as soon as possible. 

To get more information per accessing our on-site services, including quotes and turnaround times, please contact us at our phone 604-800-9060, our e-mail, our website, and on Facebook. 

Have You Lost Your Data?

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