Give the gift of memories this holiday season!

Get 20% off every sucsesfull recovery!

Cherished Memories

We all have sentimentally irreplaceable childhood pictures

Wedding videos, graduation photos, and unforgettable trips…life is

full of precious moments that are stored not only in our hearts but

also on old and sometimes damaged devices. Do you have an old

hard drive lying around full of family photos and you can no longer

get access to it? Did you know that often it is possible to retrieve

those  special moments back?

 This is where we come in.

Grandma with girl applying icing on cookies
Happy bride and groom in a wedding ceremony at a tropical island

How We Can Help

  • This holiday season, we will recover data from any physically failed device that contains sentimental data for 20% off! You read this right, risk-free data recovery for 20% off every successful recovery

Why Choose TeraDrive?

We are a local data recovery company with offices in Vancouver, Burnaby and Langley while serving clients all across Canada. And why you should pick us?

We only charge for success

No data, no fee

Over 14 years of experience

The best technicians in house

Easy and fast process

Pick-up and drop-off across Canada

Protect your special moments!

Contact us to schedule your pick-up or drop-off. Or if you have questions, we’ll be happy to answer them.

Note: Shipping is included in each package. Prices will vary and be determined by the condition of the device. Timeline for complete recovery will be about a week depending on the choice of package. To get started, clients will have to sign a form, which outlines our terms and conditions as well as explains what to expect from our data recovery services.