Consulting Services

Consulting Services

When you’re dealing with a data related emergency, you need to be able to call someone you can trust. Whether you’ve lost crucial business information due to a failed RAID drive array, or realized your precious family photos are trapped in the hard drive of a broken computer, there’s few things more frustrating (and sometimes, panic-inducing) than losing data.

TeraDrive’s experts have recovered data for over a decade, with thousands of successful recoveries to our name. We’ve seen it all: waterlogged USB flash drives, smartphones with a corrupted operating system, solid state drives zapped by a power surge, and more. This extensive experience in all kinds of data recovery scenarios is what makes TeraDrive your best chance at a full data recovery from your malfunctioned hardware.

Data Recovery Consulting

To best understand our consultation process for data recovery, imagine a client whose solid state drive (SSD) has failed. They’re not sure what’s caused the problem, but what they do know is that they can no longer access any of the files on the drive. Among these inaccessible files is months of hard work put into preparing for an important work presentation, which is due to be delivered in a week’s time.

This is, of course, a huge problem for our client. So what happens next? Fortunately, the client understands that the sooner the drive is sent off to TeraDrive, the more likely they are to have a full data recovery in time for the big presentation. So they give us a call, and tell us everything they know about the drive: if it’s been subject to any abnormal conditions, if there were any electrical issues, how long they’ve had the device, etc. 

The Process

Once we’ve got the information we need from the client, they can either drop off their failed SSD drive at one of our drop-off locations, or if they’re unable to reach those drop-offs we send out our free courier service to pick it up from their home or office. Once we access your failed drive, our lab specialists will do the initial analysis and diagnosis. This is a comprehensive report, where we determine what’s most likely gone wrong with the drive. This report is sent out to the client along with a quote. Should they want to go ahead with recovery and they confirm that the quote is approved, our technicians get started right away. 

We work hard to recover your data in a timely manner, especially when we know it’s a time-sensitive situation. Our approach is methodical and efficient, and we exhaust every possible option to restore the lost data from the drive. Restored files are transferred off the failed SSD, and placed onto a new drive, or in secure Cloud storage, depending on the client’s needs and the size of the files in question. When recovery is complete, the client either receives a secure download link, or our couriers head back out to personally deliver the recovered data on a new device. 


Above and Beyond

This might seem like a lot of work for a single client, and that’s because it is. 

When you make the heart-sinking realization that you’ve lost important data, it’s important to act quickly. We offer such a thorough service because we want our clients to feel confident when entrusting us with recovery of their files. 

We’ve earned the trust of countless organizations, businesses, and individuals, not only because of our outstanding data recovery track record, but also because of our guarantee. In our opinion, it’s simply not right to charge for data recovery if it’s unsuccessful. Nothing adds to the frustration of losing data quite like being charged a fee, just to be told there’s nothing that can be done. 

That’s why we only send an invoice out if we’re able to recover files from the lost drive – that’s how confidently we stand by our service.

Data Backup Consulting

If you haven’t experienced a data loss, but you’re looking to be proactive about keeping it safe from further issues, TeraDrive has got you covered there too. Thanks to our extensive experience in seeing all the ways that computers, hard drives, flash drives, smartphones, and other devices can fail, we have a pretty good idea about the steps you should take to protect yourself. 

When you contact TeraDrive about a backup consultation, our data experts will personally sit down with you to understand the type of information you’re looking to protect, as well as other specifics such as file format and size. From here, we discuss the best ways to protect the data through redundant backups in a variety of formats and locations. Some of the most common ways we suggest our clients to safely backup their info include:

  • Upgrading your organization’s storage system from a single hard drive to a more secure RAID array 
  • Purchasing options for secure cloud storage 
  • Simply creating multiple backups on quality storage to devices to store away from your center of operations

There’s no one correct way to safely store and back up your data. It’s a question that’s full of variables, and that’s why we always take the time to understand who you are, what you’re storing, and what your needs are in terms of accessing and editing the files in question. Put simply, we are more than capable of helping you develop a backup system that works for you and your data.

Getting Back Online with TeraDrive

Whether you’re experiencing a major data loss on an organizational scale, finding important personal files to be suddenly inaccessible, or simply looking to keep your information as secure as possible, TeraDrive is here to help. Our experts have over 14 years of experience in recovering data throughout BC’s Lower Mainland and all across Canada. 

By working with us, you will also have access to our proprietary recovery software, CLASS 100 compliant clean room, and the most advanced recovery lab of its kind.

Whatever your needs, think TeraDrive when experiencing a loss of important data. Because, as we say, nothing is lost forever.

Do you have more questions about our recovery and backup consultation services? Looking to get started? Contact TeraDrive today!

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