The first Hard Drive

The first Hard Drive was invented in 1953 by engineers in IBM’s California-based laboratory. It was called “RAMAC,” and it was the first hard drive to be sold commercially. The hard drive was the size of two refrigerators, weighed over a ton, had to be moved around with forklifts, and was delivered via large cargo airplanes.

the first hard drive

It held 5MB of data, at a cost of $10,000 per megabyte. Potentially, the storage capacity of the drive could have been increased beyond five megabytes, but IBM's marketing department at that time was against a larger capacity drive because they did not know how to sell a product with more storage.

The system was publicly announced on September 14, 1956, with test units already installed at the U.S. Navy and private corporations such as Chrysler. RAMAC stood for "Random Access Method of Accounting and Control,” as its design was motivated by the need for real-time accounting in business.

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