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TeraDrive was founded with the intent of providing the best data recovery service in coupe with a great customer experience. We know that loosing your data is not an easy experience. It is stressful, it is frightening, and can heavily affect our normal routine, our business and even our well being.

We only charge for success – No Data, No Fee.

We always compare recovering data to working in a hospital, and here is why: Same sense of emergency and urgency, same concerns, same elevated emotions, and same joy upon hearing the good news. To be a great data recovery specialist is to be able to cope with all those.

We have the equipment, knowledge and skilled employees to tackle the largest of projects either on an ongoing basis or emergency situations.

Industry Leaders

Our experts have over thirteen years recovering data for federal and private organizations world wide. We seen and done it all – Hard drives recovered from burned buildings or damaged by bullets, heavily corroded and water damaged phones, black boxes from crashed aircrafts, encrypted RAID servers, and so much more.

We are always up to date as per our trainings, and completed dozens of courses over the years, from reputable training providers such as AceLab, iPad Rehab, X-Ways, Access Data, CompTIA, BlackBag, Vound, Cellebrite and more.

You can trust us to recover your data – We will get the job done!

Some of the designations and certifications held by our experts:
Ace LabCertified by Ace Laboratory
Blacklight ExaminerCertified CBE examiner
CMFF CertifiedCellebrite Mobile Forensics Fundamentals
CMO CertifiedCertified Mobilyze Operator
CompTIA CertifiedComputing Technology Industry Association
PC3000 CertifiedTrained on PC-3000 data recovery system
X-Ways CertifiedTrained in X-Ways Evidence Recovery Techniques
Vound CertifiedTrained in Vound Intella software and techniques
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